Thursday, July 11, 2013

Text Organization

As a student your main target is to impress your lecturer as much as possible with all the essay and term paper you write. One way to do so is employing the best skills of text organization. Organizations of the content you are writing helps you lecturer follow and understand the information you have presented in your paper. You achieve text organization by using common standard forms that you already know. Consider determiners and pronouns when writing down your text. They are the sure forms that can drive the comprehension you want home. Good marks become less of a hassle.

You present your ideas, opinions and arguments using the pronouns it, its, it/ they, them and theirs since they are mostly considered as objects in your sentences. That is a crucial grammar rule if you are out to impress you reader. Determiners this/that and these/those come in handy too. Of importance, both pronouns and determiners must be defined well in the sentence other they will render the reader into utter confusion. That is the last thing you want for your lecturer because it eventually costs you marks. That’s how you organize the text you are presenting in your papers. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to look smart for your professors

There is a lot that goes on in college than most people possibly think. Students will do anything to earn a lecturers admiration. They will get involved in practices that makes them smart than they really are. It’s just a survival tactic.
When one is in college a lot of things are bound to happen. One may end up loving or hating their professors. This is based on the relationship the professor and you have. It can also be pegged on personal character.
Though professors are smart people, the students are smart in their own ways. This may be noticed especially when it comes to finishing college assignments. There are many developments that makes one say this for sure. When it comes to school assignments, students know the concepts of how such things are done. The modern student has ways of going round and finally producing academic output that is recommendable. Some are praised by their professors immensely. What is the irony in this? Most students don’t do their assignments for themselves. They pay academic based firms to do them for them. Others pay their fellow students to do their work for them. No matter the way tasks are brought into completion, the tasks are completed and submitted. The lecturers mark them and applaud their students for a job well done. Now, there is the irony. Students not doing their academic task and yet they receive admiration. This way they look smart in their eyes of the professors. One may also notice that most of them pass with flying colors. They get superb grades and they are admitted in the next levels of education. They are also celebrated in their hometowns for reasons they can only understand.
One of the reasons why this mode of education has been so popular with the students is one. It’s a means of survival .Most students will find themselves with lots of assignments to complete within the stipulated times. Acceptable time frames may not be fair but as per the requirement of the lecturers, such tasks have to be submitted: Thus they are to be smart too.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Public Education Failure

         Education systems are developed out of the need for quality academic standards coupled with the requirement to provide appropriate training to young growing members of the society. In so doing, the education system encounters various problems originating either from within the system or from external members of the society at large. In most countries across the continent, education is taken as the responsibility of the state or that of the country at large.
            On the other hand, students and even pupils need to get the most out of their college life from their academics and their social lives. They need to find ways in which they can be part of both worlds equally. This ensures that their physical, mental and psychological energies are kept up beat. This also helps the students to keep their creativity and imagination in their assignments.
This rarely happens as the students however begin to lose their focus on their academics as they progress over the years due to the academic monotony. This leads them to look for bogus writing services that complement their immediate needs. They also look for writing websites that are affordable and not necessarily those that offer quality works.
            This is because it will raise their eyebrows and they will want to know how their children spent it and the whole issue goes unnoticed. The students simply follow the instructions on how to make their orders and payments and leave the rest to the websites writers. Students know that there are numerous websites on the internet that provide writing services. They understand that not all of them can be trusted with their academic assignments. The writers working for professional websites ensure that their companies’ reputation is positive regardless of their quality provision hence failing to deliver to the public. They ensure that all the research papers, essays and thesis they work on is done accordingly to the clients’ satisfaction.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Proofreading Tips

Proofreading is considered a large part of writing. It can save individuals from making mistakes that can cost them that coveted job position, the long awaited business deal, entry into the desired university of choice, or even the elusive love relationship between a couple. In recent years, chivalry is seen to be dead because of the emergence of the dot com era. Nobody writes letters by hand anymore because they can use laptops and computers to type them out. There are also other forms of communication such as social media, emails and phones that people can use to relay information. Individuals have developed ways of shortening words when they are texting due to the limited number of characters. This has led to the syndrome being transmitted into other forms of writing such as academic papers, official communication and others. Individuals who communicate in such a manner fail to be taken seriously, even if the information they could be relaying is important. This therefore proves how much proofreading is an important matter in writing.
The aspect of proofreading has led to the development of grammar checkers over the years beginning with word processor checkers. Currently there are various online websites that offer proofreading services to clients for a fee. Editors for magazines and newspapers make their income simply from proofreading articles written by their journalists and main article writers. All in all, the best proof reader should always be the person who has written the document in the first place. This helps them to notice the information which they do not want in their documentation. When they are through, they should ask their friends or families to read through documents they have written. This is in order to correct the mistakes that they may have overlooked or missed. It is important for a writer to also take a break from proofreading and focus on other things that they have prioritized. This helps them to rest their minds from the written texts for a few hours. When they handle the texts again, their minds are clearer and they can notice errors easily.
It is also great for the author to read their documents out aloud, in order to notice through hearing if it’s missing important words that you could have failed to see before. It’s also advisable for the writer to print out a hard copy. This may help you look at the document in a different perspective. It might assist you to catch spelling mistakes such as “form” when you meant to write “from”. The computer’s word processor grammar checker might fail to notice that because the spelling is correct, though the words have different meanings.

Monday, December 24, 2012

College New Year’s Eve

          Regardless of what people may say, it is always a nice thing if campus students get to find time to have some fun together on New Year’s Eve. It is always a happy moment as each and every person is always happy to be able to reflect on how the year has been and sort of make resolutions for the new year. It is always a happy time for those who have achieved their resolutions of the year that is about to end and they always find a reason to be cheerful.
            For those perhaps who had made resolutions and for some reason hadn’t achieved them it is always a good time for them to be involved in coming up with things that more or less add value to them in the year to come. All in all it is always a time for reflection in the sense that it makes one think of where he or she is and how he or she needs to move from hence. It is for that reason that I feel that people need to find a reason to be cheerful under all circumstances and that is all it shall ever be.
            When all is said and done though you must agree with me that it is always a time for people to be cheerful and happy for the occurrences that have taken place in the year and hope for better in the subsequent year. There are so many things that can be done to cheer the day up, but the fact remains that it is a day that needs to be appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Communicate With Your Roommate

Avoiding conflict is inevitable when living with a roommate. Irrespective of whether you are best friends or total strangers, living together can sometimes cause friction. It is therefore necessary to have effective communication tools – to help live harmoniously. Here is what you need to enhance proper communication.
For starters, formulate a roommate contract. Having a contract – printed on paper prior to anyone moving in with you – sets ground rules that will ensure friendships are kept alive in future. It is much easier to co-habit with specified terms in place. Unnecessary conflict is avoidable this way.
Make yourself accessible. Privacy has its perks when living together. But if you are constantly away – especially when issues arise – keeping conflicts at bay would be an exercise in-futility. Sometimes change in privacy settings is vital. Leave your phone number behind for the sake of resolving issues that might be hanging low.
Do things together. This is one of the simplest ways of lightening things up when living together. Going out to watch a movie or sharing a cup of coffee, is one of things that can easily steer good communication between roommates. Suffice to say, create a friendly relationship.
Never bottle up issues. If you want to easily increase your stress and anxiety levels, bottle up issues. Grievances between roommates might arise. But keeping these grievances under your hat does nothing but ‘stew’ you. Learn to compromise lest you cause yourself unwanted distress.
Know when to fold. In other words, know when to call it quits with your roommate. If the situation has become unbearable and an unnerving between the two of you, discuss how to end your relationship – in a professional manner. Ending things in a civil manner ensures that you get to respect each other’s opinion, as well ending on a good note.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Pick a Major

           There are so many hurdles that students have to face in the course of their studies in campus. There are very many instances where a student indeed has to make decision over what to do and what not to do if he is to succeed in the course of his life. Somebody once said that success is something that is not a one-time thing per se but rather a thing that is a process that is made up of tiny decisions that have to made right from the word go.

            From the high school level-or lower in some cases-students always have to make a choice of what they want to pursue in the course of their campus lives and they have to stick by it. As you might expect that is never an easy decision to make, considering the fact that students at that stage always don’t know much about what is expected of them in real life. When they get to campus students always have to make a decision over the major they are to pursue and what have you.

            In case you have never realized that is one of the most difficult decisions to make, considering that one is never sure about what he is comfortable with and what the future holds for them. I would like to think that before choosing a major a student should look at which of the two disciplines he is choosing from he is more comfortable with and where does he plan to be in future in a career sense. If the two questions are conclusively answered then a student shouldn't struggle to pick a major or a minor.